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From:Roy Ellis

The formula I have is:
Dissolve 100g of anhydrous sodium carbonate and 173g sodium citrate in about
700 ml of distilled water. Dissolve 17.3g of copper sulfate in about 100 ml
of distilled water and add it to the carbonate-citrate solution, mixing
constantly. Make the volume up to 1 litre with distilled water.
The reference is Medical Laboratory Technology, Ed M Lynch, S Raphael, L
Mellor, P Spare, P Hills and M Inwood, Pub WB Saunders 1963.
Roy Ellis

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> Hello all!
> I have a customer that is looking for the formula for Benedict's
> solution?  I have never heard of this and cannot find it in our chem.
> Data base.  If anyone knows the formula, I would really appreciate it!!
> Thanks.
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