RE: Barium Permanganate & A HazMats Adventure on the WEB

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Morning Richard,

	Your question about the unavailability of Barium permanganate raised
my safety flag, so I went looking and found the following which start at
'relevant to your question' and then stray to web sources for safety
information that are new to me.  Thought the same might be true for others
as well.  
	In the end, I have to conclude that Barium permanganate is not
available, because it has become a liability (I have not found any published
explanation!).  I believe that its published CAS number has actually been
reassigned.  However, if one wished, one could consult the Merk Index (11th)
as I did and find a path to the synthesis of the material.  
	In any case, for those interested in safety amongst hazardous
materials as I am, perhaps the following may be interesting.

	Perhaps the answer is at the following site:

	Or this:

	This link might be useful for all:, and
it finds NO manufacturer or supplier of Barium permanganate.

	FEMA First Responders Guide to HazMats:

	DOE Sources Page (TEEL's-Temporary 
Emergency Exposure Limits):

	SCAPA (DOE's Subcommittee on Consequence Assessment and Protective
Action) papers on TEEL's and Mixture Methodologies: 

TITLES ARE:		"Recommended Default Methodology for Analysis of
Airborne Exposures to Mixtures of Chemicals in Emergencies," DKCraig, RL
Basket, JS Davis, L Dukes,  DJ Hansen, AJ Petrocchi, and TJ Powell, PJ
Sutherland, and TE Tuccinardi, Jr.   Applied Occupational and Environmental
Hygiene 14(9): 609-617(1999).   

NOTE:  The above paper has a short glossary of ACRONYMS (e.g.  LOC = "EPA
Level Of Concern") as well as an explanation of TEEL-1, TEEL-2, etc. 

		"Derivation of Temporary Emergency Exposure Levels (TEELs)," Craig,
DK, JS Davis, R DeVore, DJ Hansen, AJ Petrocchi, TJ Powell and TE
Tuccinardi.   Journal of Applied Toxicology 20:11-20(2000).

There is probably more, but I bet everyone agrees that the above is
sufficient for a Friday!

The last page, by the way, has a link to CDC's latest understanding of
Anthrax as well at to "CSTC", "ARAC", and  "OECD CARAT"  none of which I
have followed today.  Also, for those of you who are REALLY in to HazMat
Safety, you might check out the PowerPoint production of SCAPA products.
Very interesting for "First Responders".

Regards to all, and have a productive weekend

Fred Monson

P.S.1  I just heard a report that follows-up on that from the great NY
brownout of the '70's.  "During times of stress we do it more, so we should
try to do it more safely."  But they didn't elaborate on what "it" was, and
I can't remember what I was doing during the NY brownout, because I was not
in NY!

P.S.2  It may be time for the DOT.GOV to have ONE site from which folks can
navigate to Hazardous, Toxic, and other Nasty Stuff Information!  Finding
information is more a matter of good luck than good planning.

Frederick C. Monson, PhD 
Center for Advanced Scientific Imaging(CASI) 
West Chester University of Pennsylvania 
Schmucker Science Center II  
South Church Street                                                    
West Chester, PA, 19383

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> 	O.k., this should NOT be this hard!
> 	I am looking for a supplier for Barium permanganate (for use as a
> TEM 
> Stain), and I can't find anyone who carries it (Fisher, Sigma, EMS, Pella,
> SPI, Ladd, etc.).
> 	Any suggestions?
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