RE: Alcian blue for marking margins

From:"Johnson, Teri"

We've used the margin kits (Davidson Marking System) quite successfully
in the past.  The way to set the ink is to dip it briefly (30 seconds?)
in Bouin's fluid or alternately in 5% acetic acid after marking with the
dye(s).  Wipe off the excess, and proceed with grossing.

Teri Johnson
Manager Histology Core Facility
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
1000 E. 50th St.
Kansas City, Missouri  64110

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Subject: Alcian blue for marking margins

With difficulties in obtaining adequate quality (and affordable) Alcian
8GX in the UK, a problem I suspect encountered elsewhere, I would be
interested to hear of alternative dyes/methods in use. Indian ink has
proved to be
"consultant friendly" and commercial "margin kits" have not proved
processing and staining "fast" here. Any suggestions - useful
dyes etc gratefully
Good quality Alcian blue 8GX is our gold standard (clean in use, easy to
paint/dip, perfect for microscopy with H&E) but it's disappearing fast!

Jim Almond
Head BMS
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

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