MSA Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program

From:Philip Oshel

I realize most readers of Histonet are clinicians, but this still may 
be of interest.
Microscopy Society of America
Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program

   With this year's call for applications the MSA Undergraduate 
Research Scholarship Program begins its 14th year providing funding 
for undergraduate research.  To date over 71 projects covering a wide 
range of topics in the physical and biological sciences have received 
support through this program.  Over the years nearly all the 
scholarship recipients have maintained a strong interest in imaging 
sciences and have gone on to graduate school, professional school, 
teaching, or industry positions.
   The program, which is funded by MSA and by matching funds from MSA 
Sustaining Members, is able to support approximately 30% to 40% of 
applicants. This past year the MSA Executive Council approved an 
increased in the amount provided by MSA. This, plus matching funds, 
will permit funding of additional scholarships for 2002. The maximal 
award for the Undergraduate Scholarships is $3000 and helps to 
provide student stipends, supply costs, and limited travel expenses 
associated with the research.  Additional support in the form of 
instrument use time, equipment purchases, etc. is generally provided 
by the student's supervisor and/or through the sponsoring 
institution.  Abstracts reporting the research results, are prepared 
by scholarship awardees, and published in "Microscopy and 
   The program actively seeks external sources of matching funds in 
order to maintain the favorable levels of support both in terms of 
the number of projects supported and the level of support for each. 
We are extremely grateful for the matching support provided by MSA 
sustaining members and individuals. Their support over the years has 
enabled the program to increase both the number of awards and the 
maximum amount of each award. 

The MSA Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program is currently 
solicting applications from students interested in conducting a 
research project which involves the use of any microscopy technique. 
Students should be sponsored by a member of MSA.  The maximal award 
is $3000.  The application deadline is Dec 31, 2001.  Applications 
can be obtained from the MSA Business Office, or call toll free at (800) 538-3672.
If you have any questions or require additional information regarding 
the program please contact either:

Dr. Ralph Albrecht, University of Wisconsin
1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706
(608) 263-3952 or 263-4162; (608) 262-5157 FAX;

Dr. Richard Ornberg, Monsanto Company
Analytical Sciences Center, 800 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63167
(314) 694-1184; (314) 694-6727 FAX;

This Year's MSA Undergraduate Research Scholarship Awardees and 
Alternates were:

"Frictional and Mechanical Interactions between Nanotubes and 
Self-Assembled Monolayers: An Atomic Force Microscope Study"       
University of Texas-El Paso/Univ. Wisconsin, Madison
Advisor:          Robert Carpick  
"Imaging Aggregation Proteins InVitro Using Atomic Force Microscopy"
Case Western Reserve University
Advisor:	Steven Eppell

"Electron Beam Lithography for Micro-Patterning of Bioactive Surfaces"
Stevens Institute of Technology
Advisor:	Matthew Libera

"Three-Dimensional Structure of the Human TFIIH-IIE Complex"
University of California-Berkeley
Advisor:	Eva Nogales

"The Impact of Processing on the Interface between Thin Film 
Dielectrics and their Silicon Substrates"
Southern Connecticut State University
Advisor: Christine Broadbridge

"HR-TEM Studies of Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Composites"
Princeton University
Advisor:	Nan Yao

"Comparisons Between Pre-Released and Swimming Sperm Cells of the 
Fern Lygodium: A Correlated SEM, TEM, and Light Microscope Study"
Southern Illinois University
Advisor:	Karen Renzaglia

"Quantitation of Glomerular Cell Number in Diabetic Patients and 
Normal Controls"
University of Minnesota
Advisor:	John Basgen

Philip Oshel
Supervisor, AMFSC and BBPIC microscopy facilities
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Wisconsin
1675 Observatory Drive
Madison,  WI  53706 - 1284
voice: (608) 263-4162
fax: (608) 262-5157 (dept. fax)

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