Laryngeal cancer

From:Laurie Colbert

Excuse me for posting a non-histology issue, but after I saw the
response that Joe Nocito received regarding his daughter's friend with
cancer, I thought I would give it a try.

My mother was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer and has gone through chemo
and radiation.  She completed her chemo early last year and completed
her radiation in June.  The cancer is in remission, but her salivary
glands are shot.  She has not been able to eat solid food since March.
Her doctors have prescribed several medications to help get her salivary
glands working again, but nothing has helped.  I will call the number
that was posted (1-800-4 CANCER), but I thought I would see if anyone
out there has had any experience with this kind of problem and knows of
any "cures."

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