Halogen bulb for flouresence


Hello folks,
	I had a demo of a Nikon microscope today and was really impressed with a 
halogen bulb instead of a mercury lamp for FITC immunoflouresence work. 
(Autoantibodies). It does not have any of the disadvantages of mercury ( 
warm-up time, risk of imploding, need of keeping a log) and you can flick 
over to the light microscope with out switching it off.  Compared to our 20 
year old Zeiss it is absolutely fantastic. I think it is relatively new 
technology but if there are anyone out there in cyberspace using one can I 
have your opinion on it.

Thank You
Annette Ryan
Senior technician
Histopathology Dept
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
Co Louth

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