Fw: Re: abbreviations

From:Amos Brooks

    I would like to point out the fact that abbreviations are in fact
commonplace. In todays posts I saw HEPA mentioned which is infact an
abbreviation. Come to think of it RE: and FW: are both abbreviations. And
shame on anyone that has the audacity to add on their posts by abbreviating
"Post Script" as "PS".
    FFPE is a standard abbreviation just as is IHC, ISH, DAB, H2N, AFB,
AFIP, ER, PR, Dr., PhD., HT, HTL, ASCP, CAP, JAMA, ASAP, USA, HIV, cm, ml,
    I would expect most people to understand these, although I try to type
out as much as possible I am bound to skip something as is everyone else on
this list.
    The point that this list is international is well taken. I do believe
that even our international members will recognize most of the abbreviations
we use(surely FFPE). If not please say so. So, to those using abbreviations:
TRY to spell it out as often as you can. But!! To those who are confused
about an abbreviation: ASK!! We would be more than glad to explain. I don't
know them all and I will ask when I am unsure, but complaining about it is
not going to help.

IMHO,      <--(in my humble opinion)
Amos Brooks

PS: I know what a HEPA filter is, but does anyone know what the accronym is

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