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Connie McManus wrote:

Although Shannon has already solved the problem,  Patsy R. kindly reminded
me that I should post the filters I mentioned for those who may be
interested in them.    I appologize for not doing so in the first place.
So, for anyone interested in the bottle top filters, keep reading.
Otherwise, delete. *g*

We order our bottle top filters from Fisher Scientific.  There are many
brands to choose from.  Each brand offers your choice of pore size (0.2 um,
0.45 um and 0.8 um) and volume sizes(115 mL to 1000 mL).  For diluents with
BSA, I use a 0.45 um pore size.  This is small enough to filter out most of
the bacteria and large enough to allow the protein of the BSA to flow
through without clogging up.  If they made a 0.3 um pore size, I would
prefer that, but I have found the 0.2 or 0.22 pore sizes to frequently clog
when filtering  BSA.  

We use either  Nalgene or Corning bottle top filters.  Nalgene products can
be found on p. 555  and Corning can be found on page 558 of the 2000/2001
Fisher catalogue.  You will also need to order vacuum tubing to connect to
a vacuum pump of some sort.  It doesn't mention the OD of the tubing, but
you could call them and find out (800 766-7000) or got to

I hope this is helpful

Connie McManus

> I filter sterilize mine and aseptically decant into a sterile bottle.   You
> can buy filters that hold 100 mL or 1 liter, what ever you need.  The 1
> liter filters come with a screw cap so you don't have to decant the
> filtrate, just remove the fileter and cap the reservoir. This is easy and
> not that expensive.
> Connie McManus

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