1 more Benedicts recipe

From:Melody Ricci

Here's one more Benedicts soln recipe, similar to the others:

173 gms sodium citrate
100 gms sodium carbonate
17.3 grams copper sulfate

dissolve citrate & carbonate in 700 mls ddH20 (use heat if necessary).  filter
solution.  Dissolve copper in 100 mls dH20.  Combine and add dH20 to a final
volume of 1 liter.

The "Benedict's Test" for reducing sugars is based on the ability of certain
sugars (simple or monosaccharide) to convert a blue cupric hydroxide
(Benedict's soln) to a brick red cuprous oxide precipitate.  The color change
indicates the presence of a simple sugar (glucose or fructose) whereas a
negative color change indicates a complex sugar type like sucrose.

In our expts, equal amount of Benedict's soln is added to the solution to be
tested.  The tubes are then put in a hot water bath for three minutes and
observed for a color change.

After our tests, the cuprix oxide solution is kept in a beaker until the
liquid evaporates.  Then the dried precipitate is disposed of through chemical
waste disposal.

Hope this enlightens some of you!

Victor Valley College

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