problems with Microm HM 500 O

From:Tora Bardal

Hello all

I promised you (month ago) to give a summary of the problems I have had 
with the cryostat Microm HM 500 O.

Total days of sectioning since 1996: 79 days.
Problems at delivery:
-The specimen melted on the specimen holder, slipped out of position and 
froze again. The event occurred independent of the defrost function.
-The light could not be turned off.
(electronical card changed)
-crack in the bracket for the cable to the microtome
- problems with icing in the bottom
-automatic approach didn't work anymore (cable broken, replaced)
-unstable temperature?
-sliding window stopped heating (tried to fix the cable, but had to replace 
the whole window)

And I'm still waiting for the factory to give their opinion/ trying to 
solve the problems.

Tora Bardal

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