necropsy trays

From:"Cohen, Mary Ann"

  Hi All,

I am looking for a plastic tray with a plastic insert that is used during
necropsy to put the tissue in for check out purposes.
The plastic tray insert has individual compartments that are 4 across and 4
down, therefore having 16 individual compartments.  We make up a tissue list
to put in the bottom of the bottom tray, so you can see the tissue list,
therefore putting the right tissue in the right compartment.  The bottom
tray is made out of some kind of white plastic, and the compartment tray is
clear plastic.  The company that used to make them has gone out of business
and I can't find them any where.   HELPPPPP.


MaryAnn Cohen
Pathology Assistant
9630 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850-3349
fax # 301-838-0371

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