Tequila fixed wolf ovary

From:Gayle Callis

I think the active ingredient would be the ethanol content of tequila.  No,
I am not laughing, when Lord Byron died somewhere in Mediterrean area or
whereever, his body was preserved in a wine or brandy cask and shipped home
(to England?) for burial.  

She might want to know what the percentage of alcohol is, what proof, and
work on processing from that point. I would love to know the outcome of
this, I used Chinese vodka as a means to clean a scratch in skin while in
that country and prevent a skin infection, it worked but I had a quart of
the stuff, gave it to some person who loved the stuff in coca cola!  Skin
healed well, his liver suffered badly!  

As for humor, it could be said the tissues were well "pickled", same as
people are when they ingest too much of this stuff!!

>Dear Listers,
>  	I am expecting the following samples for paraffin embedding sometime
>soon -- "wolf ovaries have been preserved in tequila for the past 6 months
>or so".   I first assumed that this was a joke but apparently they are
>serious--this is a reproductive physiology project from an ecology
>lab.  Any comments are welcome--levity included.  I can hear your laughter
>already!   My questions:
>  	--has anyone used tequila as a fixative?
>	-- is the embedding worth pursuing?
>Rosemary Walsh
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