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From:"Anthony f. Brandwood"

--On 15 November 2001 09:32 -0500 "Cohen, Mary Ann" 

>   Hi All,
> I am looking for a plastic tray with a plastic insert that is used during
> necropsy to put the tissue in for check out purposes.
> The plastic tray insert has individual compartments that are 4 across and
> 4 down, therefore having 16 individual compartments.  We make up a tissue
> list to put in the bottom of the bottom tray, so you can see the tissue
> list, therefore putting the right tissue in the right compartment.  The
> bottom tray is made out of some kind of white plastic, and the
> compartment tray is clear plastic.  The company that used to make them
> has gone out of business and I can't find them any where.   HELPPPPP.
> Thanks,,
> MaryAnn Cohen
> Pathology Assistant
> BioReliance
> 9630 Medical Center Drive
> Rockville, MD 20850-3349
> 301-610-2192
> fax # 301-838-0371

Dear MaryAnn,

Inveresk Research International based in Scotand market a tray very similar 
to the one you described. The insert is not removable and there are 32 
compartments to put tissue into formalin and a tight tupperware type lid to 
seal it with and they also supply a cardboard plan that fits in the lid to 
identify the tissues.
In June 1998 the price was 34.50 for 10 trays.The address is:-

Inveresk Research,
EH33 2NE,

Tel No +44[0] 1875 614545
Fax No +44[0] 1875 614555

Best Wishes,

Tony Brandwood,
Deputy Laboratory Superintendent,
Dept. of Veterinary Pathology,
University of Liverpool,
P.O.Box 147,
L69 3BX.
Tel. No. 0151 794 4251
Fax. No. 0151 794 4268

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