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From:Bonnie McMahill

We are a private lab with a pay scale for HT's and for HTL's.  The HTL pay scale is the same as the med techs, the HT scale is about 20% lower.  The HTL's have different duties such as IHC, ISH, R&D.

Bonnie McMahill
Pathology Associates Inc
Spokane, WA

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From: Sheila Poellein 
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 16:48:32 -0600
To: "'histonet'" 
Subject: histotech/med tech issue

> We are in the processing of looking for another histotech.  We are also in
> the process of raising our hourly rate.  The question is,  as many of you
> have raised your histotech hourly rates has your lab also raised the med
> tech range accordingly to keep the same difference?  What is the percent
> difference between your histotechs and med techs?  My manager is concerned
> as to what to do with the med tech range as the histotechs move up.  
> While we can refer to the latest salary survey in Laboratory Medicine,
> things are changing so quickly with the histotech salary issue that we would
> appreciate as current  information as possible.  For those of you in the
> midwest, if you would also share your actual hourly rate range as well, that
> would be helpful.  
> thanks
> sheila
> thanks
> Sheila



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