Re: histotech/med tech issue

From:Dale Denise Hardy

For a period time our histotechs were actually in a pay grade above the med techs.  This created a little tension in the laboratory due to the non-degree vs. degree issue.  Recently, the med techs have received enough of a market adjustment to be one pay grade above so they are happy (and deservedly so).  Our cytotechnologists are still above both histo and med tech pay grades.  Each pay grade advancement is an approximate 5% increase.

>>> "Sheila Poellein"  11/07/01 05:48PM >>>
We are in the processing of looking for another histotech.  We are also in
the process of raising our hourly rate.  The question is,  as many of you
have raised your histotech hourly rates has your lab also raised the med
tech range accordingly to keep the same difference?  What is the percent
difference between your histotechs and med techs?  My manager is concerned
as to what to do with the med tech range as the histotechs move up.  

While we can refer to the latest salary survey in Laboratory Medicine,
things are changing so quickly with the histotech salary issue that we would
appreciate as current  information as possible.  For those of you in the
midwest, if you would also share your actual hourly rate range as well, that
would be helpful.  



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