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The Cryochrome slides from Shandon are a "coated " slide.  They do aid in
the adhesion of tissue and cells to the slide. The Cryochrome slides are
called Cryochrome because they were to be used in conjunction with the
colored cryomatrix called Cryochrome.  The yellow cryomatrix ( frozen
section embedding media ) would be used with the yellow slides, the blue
with the blue slides etc.  This helps keep cases separated by color coding.
It is also a nice way to make your day not so drab doing frozen sections.

The slides should be tested using a piece of non critical fresh frozen
tissue that has been sectioned to your usual thickness. Due to the age of
the slides, the adhesive properties of the "coating" on the slides cannot
be guaranteed to be still effective. If I can be of further assistance to
you, please let me know.


Mark Lewis
Product Specialist
Thermo Shandon
1-800-245-6212 ext. 4013

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                                         Subject:     cryochrome slides    
                    11/02/01             from Shandon                      
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Hi Everyone-

Does anyone know what is "special" about "cryochrome" slides from Shandon??

We have a bunch of them from 1993 and are wondering if they are treated for
cryostat sections, if the "treatment" is still "good" etc.??

Any info. appreciated.

Ralph Marcucio, PhD

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