Re: alkaline phosphatase

From:Ronnie Houston

I use a 10mM concentration of levamisole. However, levamisole will not inhibit intestinal alkaline phosphatase; if it is intestine you are working with, then you will need to use either 20% acetic or 0.3% hydrogen peroxide and 2.5% periodic acid.
As far as a web-site is concerned, sorry can't help there; however, alkaline phosphatase is found in a wide variety of tissues, including but not limited to, liver, kidney, intestine, bone, skeletal and cardiac muscle, brain, capillaries, lymph nodes, lung.......

Ronnie Houston

>>> Carol Chang  11/07/01 11:47AM >>>
Does anybody know the good blocking method for endogenous alkaline 
phosphatase in kidney? Will 5mM levamisole in substrate solution or 20% 
acetic acid be effective?
Could anybody tell me or recommend me a web site I can search that what 
organs contain high level of alkaline phosphatase?
Any help is highly appreciated.

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