Re: TEM negative scanner?

From:Abizar Lakdawalla

the minolta dimage scanner has a resolution of about 2800 to 4500/inch
(depending on the model), more importantly it has a holder for TEM sized
negatives. Check the minolta web site.

Roger Moretz wrote:

> Teresa:
> Well, yes, there are such beasts.  EM Sciences sells a
> unit (basically a Leaf camera on a stand) and other EM
> vendors (Pella, SPI, Fullam, Ladd, Energy Beam
> Sciences, et al) probably have similar units.  I have
> an Agfa scanner (hi-res, flatbed) that "works", but to
> me, the energy and time spent scanning, and then
> printing (non-archival, and not so too great
> resolution--even on a so-called hi-res printer) leaves
> much to be desired.  There was a workshop at the MSA
> Meeting in Long Beach this summer on digital
> transformation of TEM negatives, and my take was that
> for routine purposes (and my own experience) is that
> the dark room still has a very strong place for
> positives of TEM negatives.  If you have a digital
> imaging system on the TEM, it's a different story.
> But I did not come away from the workshop with a
> really good feeling about taking TEM negatives to
> digital for routine work.  For presentations and
> publications, there is a whole different perspective.
> Just one person's opinion.
> Roger
> --- Teresa Flores  wrote:
> > Fellow collegues, HELP!
> > My boss has just asked if anyone might know of a
> > scanner that we may place
> > our negatives and obtain a positive image on photo
> > paper and then be able
> > to print from computer memory, thus avoiding
> > darkroom printing of
> > negatives?
> > Any guideance or help, would be most appreciated.
> > Many thanks, as always, a fellow colleague, Teresa
> >
> >
> >
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