Re: TEM negative scanner?

From:Aidan Schurr

hi teresa

i've done quite a bit of work with this, for personal use (slides), but the process is the same for negatives.  you need a high quality scanner to begin with, and then you need a tranparency adapter.  bank (excuse the pun) on spending about US$300 - 500 for a decent one.  alternatively find a digital print camera shop (starting to become more common now) and they should be able to scan your negs at a much higher quality and put them on the cdrom for you.  most graphics programmes (eg paint shop pro, adobe photoshop) have a "negative" function which will invert the colours and correct the orange colour mask of the original negative.  printing them is a different story.  for true photo quality you need a special (expensive to run) printer.  i typically use a good colour laser printer on special paper for near photo quality.  the dpi (dots per inch) is important.  most photograhpers work on a print quality of 200dpi.  this means that is you scan you negative (about 1 inch across) at 600dpi, the biggest photo quality print you will be able to do is 3 inches.  1200dpi = 6 inches, 2400dpi = 12 inches, you get the picture.  you must be working with true optical dpi for this, not software enhanced.  most cheap scanners only go to 600dpi, thus the extra expenditure.

hope this is of some help to you.  drop me a line if you want some more infor.



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>>> Teresa Flores  5/11/2001 >>>
Fellow collegues, HELP!
My boss has just asked if anyone might know of a scanner that we may place
our negatives and obtain a positive image on photo paper and then be able
to print from computer memory, thus avoiding darkroom printing of
Any guideance or help, would be most appreciated.
Many thanks, as always, a fellow colleague, Teresa


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