Re: Small biopsies

Dan (,
The method we use for coloring small biopsies is the most popular idea taken home for use by CAP inspection teams.  It goes as follows:
      1.  Take whatever formulation of Eosin you are are currently using and concen-
            trate it down to 50% of it's original volume (we do this by boiling it on a hot           
            plate in a beaker)
      2.  We then go to our hospital pharmacy and get a "dropper bottle" to put it into                 
            and keep with us at our grossing station.  Using the squeeze dropper we                 
            place a couple of squirts of this marker on any small biopsies that may
            blend in with the color of liquid paraffin encountered during the embedding          
            process.  The eosin maintains it's brilliance for embedding purposes through         
            the tissue processing cycle but is essentially "washed out" during the initial
            steps of subsequent H&E or IHC staining.  Note: if you don't have access to
            a hospital pharmacy for your dropper bottles any drug store pharmacy can
            supply you with these.
      As an additional suggestion we had our carpenter shop make us a small
      square wooden block with a cutout down into it to fit the size and shape of our
      dropper bottle so we didn't have to worry about it tipping over and making a
      mess during the hurry often associated with grossing.  This is a slam dunk
      that is simple, consistent and easy to implement into your daily regimen.
                  Best wishes, Greg
Greg Luck
Anatomic Path Supervisor      
Deaconess Med Center
Spokane,WA 99204

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