Re: Performance indicators.

Need more info.  You could perform time studies in your own lab, and take
averages.  CAP used to have workload units that tried to "time" how long it
takes to do something.  That was short-lived.  You may be going down a
tough road if you try and implement this.  I have seen many valuable
employees get mistreated because of time requirements.  Then again those
time requirements can help you get rid of dead wood as well.  So why am I
even writing this?

Do the hundred blocks contain one specimen or are they 6 little g.i.
Is the mounting of slides done by hand or automated?
Do the 30 blocks require levels?  Is it one of those blocks from hell or
heaven to section?

                    Clarke Ian                                                  
                    11/15/01             Subject:     Performance indicators.   
                    05:54 PM                                                    

I am interested in trying to assess a performance level for some of the
standard procedures in a Histology and Cytology laboratory.These include ,
embedding,trimming,cutting and mounting of slides.I thus would like to
survey what other people think is realistic and doing in practise.

How long to:

Embed 100 blocks

Trim 50 blocks

Cut 30 blocks

Mount 60 PAP smears

Mount 60 Histology slides

File 100 Pap Smears

and  File 100 Histology slides.

I will post the results afterwards.

Ian Clarke

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