Re: OT - Quacks & Quackery

Mike Kirby in South Africa contributes:

>>This has nothing to do with our honourable profession (we hope!) but there 
is a serious Web site called "Quackwatch - Your guide to health fraud, 
Quackery, and intelligent decisions" and can be logged onto at:  It's well worth a visit.<<

I'll say! I'm on some kind of advisory board for Quackwatch in fact - my 
name's on the site somewhere, or used to be, along with my college classmate 
Merriol Almond.

We're fairly awash in quackery. I went to a bookstore this evening and looked 
at shelves full of it. Quackwatch does what it can to stem the deluge.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist voicing the ol' duck sound
Knoxville TN

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