Re: Need a favor

Dear Joe:  I ran a quick search on AOL and got some 1868 references on pineal 
gland and cancer.  I typed in pineal gland cancer.  Some other keywords to 
use would be melatonin and endocrine diseases.
There is a book from Amazon entitled:  Pineal Gland and Cancer; 
neuroimmunoendocrine mechanisms in malignancy, Christian Bartsch author.  
Might be available at local medical library.  PubMed would definitely have 
Some sites I just briefly noted are:  Endocrine diseases at,  Primitive neuroectodermal tumors of pineal 
gland at 
I realize this may be too much specialized information for them but it's a 
start. There are a number of websites out there.  They might also try using 
Yahoo as their search engine.  Hope this helps.
Tom Kuwahara
Senior Immunohistochemist
Resolution Sciences Corporation
San Francisco, CA

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