Re: Need TIMER information

From:Ford Royer


I'm very familiar with the timer that you describe, as I'm sure many
are.  It has been around for years, but I do not think that it is still
manufactured.  I actually have an old one that I use at home in my
kitchen.   Spring-driven analog timers are falling to the electronic and
digital read-out age.  Fisher, however, does show a 120 minute
spring-driven analog timer in their current catalogue.  Cat. No. 06-660.

I have also seen a similar spring-driven timers in the VWR catalogue,
but it has a 60 minute max. (VWR Cat. No. 62347-721).

Hope this helps.

~ Ford
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Lee & Peggy Wenk wrote:

> Histonetters and Vendors -
> I need help finding the type of lab timers we like to use.
> Can't seem to find them in any catalog.
> They are a tan/gray, that wind up in the back.
> It is NOT electronic. It is NOT an egg timer
> type from then kitchen.
> There are two "hands", the longer one for the
> 1 minute interval, the shorter one for the 10
> minute interval.
> It could be set for anywhere from 15 seconds to
> 120 minutes by turning the two hands around
> and around the face of the "dial".
> There is a handle on the right side in back, which
> is pulled down to set the timer. It makes a loud
> obnoxious ringing sounding when time is up.
> There are no makings on the timers to indicate
> who makes them, or the name of this item, or an
> item number.
> And I can't seem to find them in my catalogs.
> And yet I ordered some about 5 years ago from
> a histology catalog. Hopefully, they are still being
> made, and the problem is that I just haven't
> opened the right catalog yet.
> Any and all help from this group is, as always,
> appreciated.
> Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
> William Beaumont Hospital
> Royal Oak, MI 48073

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