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From:Rose Richardson

Dear Bill,

Check out the web site and go to their antibody database.
Great reference for available antibodies to MAP's and others used in

Rose Richardson

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Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 9:44 AM
Subject: MAP 2 Antibodies

> One of our neuropathologists has asked us to add an antibody to our
> immunohistochemistry repertoire.  It's for specific microtubule associated
> proteins MAP2c,d.  I understand that a recent publication suggests it as a
> marker for oligodendroglial differentiation in mixed
> We would want to use this on formaldehyde fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE)
> tissue.
> The only reference I was given was a possible clone number 'AP18 or C' and
> am not sure if this was an in-house antibody or a commercial one.
> The closest I have found so far is a Chemicon antibody to MAP2a,b,c but
> have not tried this on FFPE material.  If anyone is using a commercially
> available MAP2c,d I would be grateful for info on the source.
> Thanks
> Bill McMeekin
> Senior Chief Biomedical Scientist
> Neuropathology
> Newcastle General Hospital
> UK

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