Re: H. pylori stains

From:Phil Bergin

Hi Rachel

There are a couple of posts on pylori stains in the archives one:
    stains for Helicobacter pylori 3.5K Aug 9, 2000

has an article reference comparing :  A comparison of staining methods for
Helicobacter pylori. Kim
Rhatigan-Drexler, MA, HTL (ASCP), histology supervisor, SUNY. In Histo-Logic,
April first, 1999.
This study examined a single gastric biopsy specimen, stained with six
methods: Giemsa, Gimenez' carbol fuchsin-malachite green, a Dieterle
microwave method, cresyl echt violet, Sayeed's methylene
blue-PAS-hematoxylin, and toluidine blue-Alcian yellow. Nice photomicrographs
illustrate each stain.

Although I'd be interested in any more, especially if they also stain H.felis
and work in mice.  Good luck and hope it helps.


Rachel Stoat wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm looking for special stains other than Giemsa, Warthin-Starry or tol.
> blue to stain for helicobacter pylori.  Can anyone help?
> Thanks,
> Rachel
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