Re: Frozen sections

From:Phil Bergin


This might be a stupid question...but are you drying and fixing the sections?
We cut our frozen sections, place them on superfrost slides, allow them to
airdry for up to 8 hrs, then fix in 100% icecold acetone 4-8 min (I know there
are lots of fixing procedures out there!).  This seems to hold the sections on
the slides really well for us.


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"Miller, Barbara" wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have just started working with frozen sections ( I had previously just
> worked with paraffin sections) and I am having a problem with
> sections floating off the slide when I wash them to remove the OCT.  Will
> warming the slides help the sections to adhere to the slides?
> I am using superfrost plus slides so I wasn't expecting this problem.  Does
> anyone out there have any suggestions or ideas?
> Thank you in advance for your help, you always come through for me.
> Bobbi Miller
> Department of Gastroenterology
> Roudebush VA Medical Center
> Indianapolis, IN 46202
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