Re: Freezing tissues previously formalin fixed


 --- "Pasquetto, Silvia"
 wrote: > Hi guys!
> I need your help again. 
> In our lab we perform oil red o' stain on livers,
> frozen immediately after
> necropsy of animals in a hexane cooled ice bath.
> Recently, our pathologists required that this
> freezing should be perform
> after formalin fixation. 
> I found an old procedure regarding a  passage in a
> dextrane solution of
> tissues before freezing. 
> Using this procedure, when I tried to cut the
> samples at the cryostat, the
> tissues crumbled and was impossible obtain a decent
> slice!

Dear Silvia,
Try rinsing the Formalin fixed tissue in water, place
in a 20% OCT (or similar freezing support material)and
place on a rotator for 1 hour, remove tissue and
gently blot dry, freeze on a chuck as per usual,
section and place sections on sticky slides (APTS
etc). Stain as per usual.

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