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Leica also carries the TP 1020 and can be configured in many ways.  It can
be configured with vacuum, fume control with activated carbon filters.  I
don't know where your located but if you call Leica Microsystems at 1 (800)
248- 0123 customer service would be able to help you.

Cathy Locallo

Ford Royer  on 11/13/2001 10:24:08 AM

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Subject:  Re: FW: used tissue processor/Autotechnicon web site?


You will not find a web site for Autotechnicon because it does not exist...
has not for a few decades.

If your are looking for particulars on a "Dip and Dunk" type processor
(that is
similar to the old Autotechnicon, I believe Sakura Finetek still
their model #4640 and Thermo Shandon carries the Citadel(R).

This type of processor is also available on the used market.

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"Ward, Elizabeth" wrote:

> ---
> Histo-net,
> Thanks for your replies. I have been net searching for a while and can't
> locate the Autotechnicon site. Is there perhaps another "parent" co. name
> Thanks for your help.
> Beth
> hist-netters:
> Does anyone have a favorite brand or web-site to look at the particulars
> a basic tissue processor?
> Thanks
> Beth Ward

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