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From:Dana Settembre

Dako's CD31 is not a kit.  I purchase that concentrated antibody and use it at a 1:10 dilution it may work at a better dilution for you.
I pretreat in Dako's Target Retrieval Solution (TRS) for 40 minutes and  apply the antibody for 30 minutes at room temperature, buffer in between all steps . After the CD31, the secondary that  I use is Dako's detection kit LSAB2 cat# K0675, (that's their large volume kit, they also have a small volume kit.)  The LSAB2 kit directions are easy to follow.  You need to provide buffer.  Dako has that too. I use their TBS cat#S1968. (large volume, they have small volume too).  Then I use Dako's DAB kit. cat# K3466.   Good Luck

>>> "Thu-Thao Pham"  11/15/01 01:16PM >>>
Is the Dako's CD31 kit contain everything that I needed to do for ICC and I 
just follow that they recommanded for the dilution? You use 1:10 for 
Primary? How about the secondary?


>From: "Dana Settembre" 
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>Subject: Re: CD31
>Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 12:45:30 -0500
>Here at the University Hospital-UMDNJ in Newark, NJ I use CD31 on formalin 
>fixed paraffin embedded human tissue.
>I use use Dako's CD31 catalog # M0823 pretreating with Dako's "Target 
>Retreival Solution"  in steamer for 40 minutes, at dilution of 1:10  usiing 
>uterus as a positive control and LSAB2 kit.  Looks great.
>Dana Settembre
> >>> Thu-Thao Pham  11/14/01 09:04PM >>>
>Do anyone work on CD31. If so, can anyone help me with the ICC protocol?
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