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From:Amos Brooks

    If you are using any of the DAKO detection kits (LSAB, Envision etc) you
needn't dilute them. (hopefully)
    As for the primary antibody, CD31 or any other antibody for that matter,
NEVER fully trust the spec sheet for dilutions. They are merely *ballpark*
estimates. Take the dilution and run tests at the recommended dilution and
1/2 and 2 times the dilution (1:5, 1:10, 1:20). See where this leads you.
Often you will end up at 10 times the suggested dilution (1:100). Nothing is
that simple, always tweak the stains.
Amos Brooks

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> Is the Dako's CD31 kit contain everything that I needed to do for ICC and
> just follow that they recommanded for the dilution? You use 1:10 for
> Primary? How about the secondary?
> Thao

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