RE: a sample prep queri HELP/tequila???

From:"Ward, Elizabeth"

We routinely fix tissues in 70% ETOH, so it might be worth a try.
Are you doing histology on the worm?

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Well, I remember an "alcohol fixation" seminar I attended at the NSH, put on
by one of the big vendors. Tequila was present and several techs were quite

Seriously, tequila is about 80 proof, which is about 40 percent alcohol, so
I don't think it will preserve the tissue too well, especially if the ovary
is still intact (not sliced). It probably is just enough to prevent
bacterial/fungal growth. Sounds dubious to me! Even so, I would try it just
to see the results; who knows where it might lead?!

Tim Morken
CDC, Atlanta

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I am forwarding this for Rosemary as we can proably be of more help and
humor than any other group.  Thanks for helping her out as I am sure we can.
Pam Marcum

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Dear Listers,
  	I am expecting the following samples for paraffin embedding sometime
soon -- "wolf ovaries have been preserved in tequila for the past 6 months
or so".   I first assumed that this was a joke but apparently they are
serious--this is a reproductive physiology project from an ecology
lab.  Any comments are welcome--levity included.  I can hear your laughter
already!   My questions:
  	--has anyone used tequila as a fixative?
	-- is the embedding worth pursuing?
Rosemary Walsh

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