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Lee Biomolecular is now part of Access BioMedical (
However, after literally a dozen attempts to buy the SV40 antibody from them
(including talking with them on the phone) I could never get any ordering
info or price info. We ended up buying the antibody from CalBioChem
( We got cat# DP02 (clone PAb4160), which is for IHC,
and is actually produced by Oncogene Research. We use it at 1:500 with
antigen retreival (citrate buffer, 20 minutes in a steamer). If you search you can find several other vendors.

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Martha Ward writes:

I have inherited an old antibody, Simian virus 40 (SV40,776 strain) and
I need to order some more.  (This bottle is over 4 years old).  The
bottle lists the vendor name as Lee Biomolecular Research, in San Diago,
CA.  Can anyone help me out locating this vendor, or any other out there
that may carry this antibody.  Thanks in advance for your help.  I know
I can count on your help!

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