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Dear Cathy,
Thank you very much for your fast response.  Actually, we are trying to
stain degenerated olfactory cells. We are mechanically causing trauma to
brain cells to cause damage to olfactory neurons.  I know de Olmos stain
will do the job, but I'd like to know if there is any stain available to do
on paraffin sections instead of frozen sections.   Any idea?
Shirley Jen
Roche Bioscience
Palo Alto, CA

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>Hi Everyone,
>Does anyone know if there is any silver impregnation staining technique
works on paraffin section to stain degenerated neuronal cells?

By degenerated neuronal cells do you mean neurofibrillary tangles as 
seen in Alzheimer's disease? In which case any of the modified 
Bielowsky silver stains should work.

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