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First a comment.  When I learned histology, and as I have done it over the
years, the generality of the rules for identifying various organs, tissues
and cells has been confirmed many times.  Of course, there are differences
between mammals, BUT those differences have not, to my knowledge, led us to
the state where we can differentiate between human, rat, mouse, and perhaps
elephant unless we are comparing hair, for example.  I do remember looking
once at a Purkinje fiber from a whale heart (retrieved via necropsy, on the
beach where the animal had been stranded, by an histologist who did so while
dressed in a wet suit and a breathing apparatus).  The whale Purkinje fiber
was HUGE!!!!  But without great expertise in whale versus other tissues, I
would have been hard-pressed to know that the very large Purkinje fiber at
which I looked came from a whale or an elephant or a horse.  If there was a
problem with learning histology when I did, in the '50's and '60's, it was
that most of the examples of human histology that were available were
inferior to those we could produce from a mouse we recovered from the
psychology lab maze.  Now if you were comparing liver from frog and Amphiuma
or most other tissues of the two, you would have a continuous difference,
because the Amphiuma is known for having the largest cells among vertebrates
(in sections of liver, one can easily see bile canaliculi at 40X). 

OK, now the test on the Histology Atlas.

	1.  In which of the ENDOCRINE photomicrographs is there a section of
a parasympathetic ganglion (unlabeled).
	2.  In the Nervous System, HEAD(MID) section on this site,  what
small error can you find.  The error is NOT made elsewhere in the atlas, so
it IS SMALL and may rank as an 'editorial decision'.

	By the way, the person who worked this site up deserved applause.
Nice Work.

Fred Monson

Frederick C. Monson, PhD 
Center for Advanced Scientific Imaging(CASI) 
West Chester University of Pennsylvania 
Schmucker Science Center II  
South Church Street                                                    
West Chester, PA, 19383

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> This might be of some use to you for mouse histology.
> rob
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> Hi, Gayle:
> On Tue. Nov 13, you wrote: "My Histological atlas of the Laboratory
> Mouse
> had a beautiful photo of mouse mammary gland using Heidenhains Azan.
> Epithelium was well distinguished from other connective tissue".
> I have been looking for a mouse histology atlas for a long time.
> I am woudring wether the Histological atlas of the Laboratory Mouse that
> you
> mentioned is still commecially avalable. I will be very appreciative if
> you
> could give me the detail ordering information. Thank you very much.
> MinMin Lu
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> Subject: mouse mammary gland
> Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 15:48:29 -0700
> My Histological atlas of the Laboratory Mouse had a beautiful photo of
> mouse mammary gland using Heidenhains Azan.  Epithelium was well
> distinguished from other connective tissue.
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