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From:Ralph Marcucio


You should be able to use the same protocol for frozens that you use for
wax.  The biggest determinant of success will be whether the primary
antibody works well on foramlin-fixed, wax embedded tissues.  You may have
to adjust the concetraions of the primary and second antibodies accordingly
to get a good signal.

Ralph Marcucio, PhD

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From: carol savage []
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2001 8:42 AM
Subject: FITC stain

Hello all
Does anyone have a tried method for indirect IFTC stain on formalin -fixed
wax embedded tissue.

We have success with cryostat sections of avian tissue but need to try on
wax sections.

Having watched HistoNet for a few weeks I feel sure that someone in the
wide world of histolopathology wil be able to help.

Many thanks

Carol Savage

Senior Technician
University of Liverpool
Veterinary Pathology
Jordan Building
Neston CH64 7TE

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