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From:Bruce Gapinski

Thank you very much. You're wonderful. Respectfully,
Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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		I use formic acid for decal and have no problems with IHC
markers.  I have
		done many studies testing decal and found formic acid to be
the best for
		me.  Formic acid is even better than edta for my purposes
because edta
		affects proteoglycans and formic does not.  I use commercial
decal from
		Decal Chemicals called Immunocal.
		Patsy Ruegg

		Bruce Gapinski wrote:

		> I needed to use decal solution to obtain sections for CK7
& CK20. What
		> effect will the decal solution have on the IHC results?
		> Please & Thank You
		> Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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