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From:"Auld, John"

Dear all across the pond

Why do Histo techs and med techs need different qualifications, why are they
paid differently?
Here in the UK all pathology disciplines require the same qualifications and
we are all paid on the same scales. However there has just been a new grade
(Mega bucks) created only for Cytology at this time but other disciplines
may get it eventually, hopefully.

Just curious, hope you all have a good weekend


John Auld FIBMS MSc
Biomedical Scientist 3
Department of Histopathology
Royal Free Hospital
Pond Street
London NW3 2QG
Tel 020 7794 0500 ext. 6516

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> We are in the processing of looking for another histotech.  We are also in
> the process of raising our hourly rate.  The question is,  as many of you
> have raised your histotech hourly rates has your lab also raised the med
> tech range accordingly to keep the same difference?  What is the percent
> difference between your histotechs and med techs?  My manager is concerned
> as to what to do with the med tech range as the histotechs move up.  
> While we can refer to the latest salary survey in Laboratory Medicine,
> things are changing so quickly with the histotech salary issue that we
> would
> appreciate as current  information as possible.  For those of you in the
> midwest, if you would also share your actual hourly rate range as well,
> that
> would be helpful.  
> thanks
> sheila
> thanks
> Sheila

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