From:"Einfalt, Ginny"

    We are in the process of bringing our breast cancer panel in house.  We
have a Ventana ES and NexEs.  We are considering the Benchmark, but due to
finances will probably be putting that off until next year.  I don't see the
ER or PR as a problem, but I am concerned about the HER2.  I understand that
only Dako and Ventana are FDA approved and the cost of the Pathway Her2 is
$2500 for 50 tests.  Does anyone know what the reimbursement is for this
test and if it is worth the investment?  Is there a more cost effective way
to do HER2 and still meet insurance and legal guidelines? I would appreciate
hearing from those of you who have added HER2 to your breast cancer panels
in the last year. 

Ginny Einfalt  
856-325-3317 Fax

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