FW: connective tissue staining

From:Roy Ellis

G'day to all on Histonet
Is anyone able to help Michelle with her desire to stain whole mouse mammary
glands in a way that differentiates epithelium from connective tissue?
Roy Ellis

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From: Michelle Bennett [mailto:lmbennett@llnl.gov]
Sent: Wednesday, 14 November 2001 05:11 AM
To: roy.ellis@imvs.sa.gov.au
Subject: connective tissue staining

Hello -

I found your web site describing the staining of connective tissue.
I am interested in trying to stain for connective tissue - and more
specifically would like to try to do it in a whole tissue, the mouse
mammary gland.

I see that your protocol describes staining sections - and was
wondering if you have ever tried or know about the use of these
staining approaches to stain a whole mammary gland?

I think I am particularly interested in
Orcein or Verhoff's staining of elastin
a method to stain collagen (giemsa or ponceau or Trichrome?)

Basically I would like to distinguish mammary epithelium from
surrounding connective tissue in intact glands? (ie stain one gland
for epithelium and the other for connective tissue)
Think this is possible???

Your web-site was very helpful - and now I'm thinking about
experiments related to what you have presented....
Michelle (in California)

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