From:Pam Kontzen

I use Molecular Probes DAPI, #3571 (goes into sol. more easily than #1306
per Mol. Probes tech).  The tech. serv. dept. said to disregard the
instructions for reconstitution and dilutions which comes with their
product. It is so complicated.

Here is what they say to do:

Reconstitute the DAPI with deionized, distilled water (I also syringe filter
this, .2um filter).
The DAPI is 10 mg and there is room in the vial to add 1 or 2 ml of the
above distilled water.
I add 2 mL to the vial so that I do not have to diluted this stock sol. so
much for the working sol.
Therefore I have 10 mg DAPI/2 ml of diluent = 5 mg/ml = 5000 ul/ml.
I can use this at 1-2 ug/ml working solution and have a great counterstain.

WORKING SOLUTION (I use PBS for diluent and stain for 5 min.)

	1 ug/ml = 1:5000
	2 ug/ml = 1:2500

I hope this helps.

Pam Kontzen
Vision Science Research Center
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how much of a working solution for DAPI counterstaining and

for how long?


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