white plastic slide trays for IHC staining

From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@msu.oscs.montana.edu>

For those who have small volume IHC staining and no immunostainers, we have
discovered an alternative to designing our own immunostaining devices. 

TBS has white plastic slide trays, probably used by pathologists for
reading slides, that hold 10 slides per tray.  They worked nicely for flat
countertop immunostaining, you can tip the tray up, drain with ease, a
little care in making sure the buffer, etc runs freely off end and careful
blotting, no problems. You can pick up slides, lift out of the tray easily.
White color is perfect for developing chromogens. 

They fit into Rubbermaid or other humidity chambers, and you get a bunch in
an order for under $60.00.  

The double trays did not work for IHC staining, runover onto slides below
top row happens. BE sure to ask for single white plastic slide trays.  

We purchased ours through Fisher or a supplier of Triangle Biomedical
Systems products. I have also heard they are available through other
vendors, but not sure who, maybe they will come forth with the info.

I liked them so well, I cut the double tray in half with a handsaw!


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