cassettes with divisions

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Hi, everyone.
As many of you probably know, currently, several needle core biopsies are
taken from each side of the same human prostate for screening of
adenocarcinomas. Each sample is processed for paraffin embedding in a
separate cassette. It takes too many cassettes. I had the ideia of using the
usual sized cassetes with 4, 6 or 8 internal divisions with 1 sample for
each division and identifying each sample by the position of the division it
is in. To retain the identification, the samples should be placed in a
corresponding position in the paraffin block and in the glass slides. The
cassette should have a sieve fine enough to retain the less than a
millimeter in diameter core biopsy and coarse enough to let the air free out
of the cassette. I can't find this kind of cassette in the market. Does
anyone knows if it exists and who manufactures it? Or, else, has anyone a
better ideia?

Thanks for the hand.

Yours truly,

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