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I would highly recommend the Hacker Linear stainer for your H&E staining
needs.  It is very easy to operate, and is simple by design.  The price is
good, too.  Hacker's customer service support team is second to none.  They
always go the extra mile to help solve your problems.

Tom Galati
Histology Laboratory Director
Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
137 S. Main Street
Woodstock, VA  22664
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Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2000 2:34 PM
Subject: slide stainers

> Hi all,  I,m looking into automatic slide stainers (H&E).  I know they've
been available for eons, but I am unfamiliar with them.  Which ones are
really good -quality and speed.  Any  I should stay away from?  We stain
about 250 slides or less a day.
> Thanks!
> Maryanne
> Histo supervisor
> Methodist hospital
> Phila. Pa

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