Re: patient request for slides (Flores, Teresa)

Ray, our lab also receives frequent request for slides/blocks to be sent
out. The patient has already been charged for the work performed.  The
patient actually owns the slides/blocks/photos, etc.  Our lab has a release
form that the patient signs (we keep original and give a copy to patient).
Patient can remove whatever patient request.Usually it is to take to Mayo
Clinic for more test and studies. There is no material left, but it is
documented in patient file.  If it is an attorney office, instead of
re-sectioning originals slides are given (att off usually sends a courier)
with a signed form that if not returned in 30 days $50.00 will be charged
for each slide to replace our files)  Usually patient will come and pick up
the matieral, as they have to sign.  Sometimes patient will fax their
request.  Our lab complies, but will mail as routine mailing tube.  If
patient wants express or overnight, they have to make provisions for that
at our institution will not cover that. Documentation is the key word.
>We get alot of request from patient,doctors,hospitals ect.for slides of
>course this is extra  work for the histology lab recut,stain,coverslip,label
>,mail and they request to be sent overnight.Does anyone have a procedurefor
>this (can you charge them for the slides and work)
>    Thanks in ADVANCE

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