Re: patient request for slides

From:Linda Stirpe <>

--- "Ray Lopez Jr., HT(ASCP)" <> wrote:
> We get alot of request from
> patient,doctors,hospitals ect.for slides of
> course this is extra  work for the histology lab
> recut,stain,coverslip,label
> ,mail and they request to be sent overnight.Does
> anyone have a procedurefor
> this (can you charge them for the slides and work)
>     Thanks in ADVANCE
> Hi,

  The slides that are requested to be sent to another
hospital, physician, etc. are the original slides that
the diagnosis was made from (on very rare occasions do
we send recuts).  We have not had any problems with
material not being returned to us, but we can always
contact the hospital, physician, etc. if it is not
returned.  We send all requests Fed Ex and do not
charge for it.  We at one time sent everything
Certified Mail/Return receipt, but found out that we
had to wait 30 days before tracking (if material was
lost) and that is not helping the patient.  Also the
cost was not that much different, so the hospital
pays.  This method has worked for us, maybe it will be
helpful to you or others.



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