Re: american optical

From:Cathy Locallo <>

Don and Cathy,

American Optical has become Leica Microsystems.  If you have questions about
microscopes/availability of parts, you can phone (716) 686-3000.  If your
questions are regarding histology products/availablitiy of parts.  You can
contact the Technical Assistance Center at 1 800 248-0123.  If you don't get Don
Birgerson, please ask for him.  He is very knowledgeable about the old products.

Cathy  Locallo
Director Technical Assistance Center
Leica Microsystems.

Don & Cathy Schaefer <> on 11/22/2000 09:38:18 PM

To:   histonet <>
cc:    (bcc: Cathy Locallo/USDER/West/Leica)

Subject:  american optical

Does anyone know if American Optical is still in business and if so what
their contact number is?

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