Re: What ever happened to Leitz?

From:sharon lang <>

Dear Sarah:
Leitz became Leica Microsystems.  If you have any problems or need parts you 
should contact your local Leica sales rep or the company.  Hope this helps.

>From: Sarah Christo <>
>Subject: What ever happened to Leitz?
>Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 17:17:42 -0600
>Hey Netters,
>    I have a researcher here from London using an old sledge Leitz 
>microtome with a Cryomat 1700 attachment for frozen sections.   He needs to 
>know what is the coolant to use inside the Cryomat.  Someone suggested 
>antifreeze?  Where does one go to now for information on Leitz products?  
>Thanks, Sarah
>Sarah Christo, HT (ASCP)
>Research Associate, Histology Lab
>Texas A&M University
>College of Veterinary Medicine
>Dept. of Vet Anatomy & Public Health
>College Station, TX  77843-4458
>phone: (979) 845-3177
>fax:  (979) 458-3499

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