Re: Hepatic Iron Index on paraffin section?

Muhammad Tahseen, Supervisor Histology Section, Saukat Khanum Memorial Cancer 
Hospital [apparently in Pakistan] asks:

>>We need to answer a question immediately. We would like to know the best 
protocol for Hepatic Iron Index on paraffin section.<<

I don't know the term "hepatic iron index". If you can see stainable 
(Prussian blue positive) iron in a liver biopsy specimen and hemochromatosis 
is suspected, then you need to get a quantitative iron determination done on 
the paraffin block.

The only reference laboratory I know that actually does this procedure 
(without a lot of nonsense) is:
Mayo Medical Laboratories   
200 First Street Northwest
Rochester, Minnesota 55905 USA
phone 800-533-1710
test # 8350
They want the paraffin block, a slide, and a copy of the surgical pathology 
report. Their reports are prompt and understandable.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville, Tennessee USA

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