Re: Double book recommendation: Double immunostaining

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You too!!!  Hooray, may Chris become an IHC millionaire from this book.  In
fact, waiting for his next one on any IHC subject he chooses.  

Ordering chemicals frantically to try more double stains, what a joy to not
reinvent a well oiled working wheel.  

By the way, Sigmas napthol ASMX phosphate for fast blue staining is
backordered until next March, 2001!  Going to ICN for this item.

Gayle Callis 

You wrote:  
I ordered this multiple-immuno staining book on Gayle's word and agree that
it is a fantastic resource for those doing double staining. I can now largly
ignore my files stuffed with the literture and work from this book. I can
also safely forget a few things and make room for other info in my head
since it is all in this book!

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